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Research is a key component of education and outreach programs at the Center for Community & Economic Development (CCED). Guided by the principal of helping people make informed decisions, our research goals include providing cutting-edge knowledge and supporting objective policy discussions for our Extension colleagues and the communities we serve. We work with our partners to facilitate evidence-based education and decision-making processes.

As the needs of Wisconsin change, we direct our research to understand current issues. Given our expertise in economics and strategic communication, much of our current work led by Tessa Conroy, Steve Deller, Matt Kures and Kristin Runge, has focused on community and regional growth as well as positioning communities to take advantage of their own unique mix of talent and resources. Research and teaching focusing on downtown and business district economic development, primarily led by Bill Ryan, provides information to help communities compare themselves to other places in Wisconsin and develop using an analysis of business mix, downtown employment, downtown residents, and more.


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