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Community Economic Profiles/Data Sources

Many Communities and Counties prepare fact sheets with relevant community and economic information. These county/community profiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the following represents a sampling of County profiles, or data that you might want to include in a profile. Obviously, thought should be given to the intended audience for the profiles before making a decision about what to include in your community profile.

The International Economic Development Council has actually given this issue a lot of attention and has developed a set of site selection data standards which include 25 tables containing approximately 1,200 data fields for state, county, metro, locality, building and site profiles. You can download the data standards worksheet in Excel format from their web site. These standards have been built into the LocationOne Information System (LOIS) database to help site consultants and businesses find available buildings, sites and communities. LOIS was recently licensed for all Wisconsin communities by Forward Wisconsin. Following about 2 hours of training, any community in Wisconsin can use this database and have this information available on their own web site as well (Within a frame on your web page). LOIS has also created a “data dictionary” with suggestions on where to obtain the data that is required for the fields within the LOIS system. To learn more about LOIS and how your community can be included, see the User’s Guide on the Forward Wisconsin web site.

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