Advisory Board and Research Team

EDA-UC 2017 Advisory Board

  • Todd Johnson – UW-Extension Community Development Specialist, UW-River Falls
  • William Martin – Director of Business and Community Engagement, WHEDA
  • Paul Jadin – President, MadREP
  • Eric Biltonen – UW-Extension Community Development Educator, UW-Extension, St Croix County
  • Paul Dietmann – Emerging markets Specialist, Badgerland Financial
  • Jessica Beckendorf – UW-Extension Community Development Educator, UW-Extension, Waupaca County
  • Mark Lange – Executive Director of Business and Entrepreneurship, UW-Extension
  • Pam Christenson – Economic Development Director, Madison Gas and Electric Co
  • Karl Martin – Dean and Director, UW-Extension
  • Christian Tscheschlok – Executive Director, Economic Development Washington County

University of Wisconsin-Extension EDA-UC Research Team

  • Tessa Conroy, Ph.D. – Instructor and Community Development Specialist
    • Conducts research on community economic growth and development focuses on topics such as small business dynamics, women entrepreneurs, job creation, and labor market trends.
    • Current projects include studies of social capital and information/network effects on business start-up and performance, the economic impacts of entrepreneurship, and the role of childcare in women’s labor market choices.
  • Steve Deller, Ph.D. – Professor and Community Development Specialist
    • Conducts research on community and regional economic development and growth with a focus on better understanding the changing regional economy and policies that can influence those changes including entrepreneurship and small business development and the impact of government fiscal policies.
    • Current projects include studying the interplay between social capital and entrepreneurial communities and the impact of alternative notions of business climate on economic growth and development.
  • Matt Kures – Community Development Specialist
    • Conducts research on areas of socio-economic impact analysis, regional economic analysis, central city revitalization, and industry sector competitiveness.
    • Current projects include work on the inter-state migration of college graduates, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and industrial cluster policy.
  • Kristin Runge, Ph.D. – Community Development Specialist
    • Conducts public opinion research on mass media and controversial issues, public opinion related to emerging technologies and designs communication strategy for small business, municipalities and economic development organizations.
    • Current projects include the use of community branding as a strategy for economic development, and the use of social media to advance partisan viewpoints for issues such as genetically modified foods, synthetic biology and lean finely textured beef/“pink slime.”



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