Rural Innovation Report

Innovation moves the economy forward. Innovations are new products, processes, or services that create value for customers. Innovations often signal an improvement over a past model or way of doing things. Innovations can be significant, disrupting the status quo. Many innovations, however, are modest, offering small increases in quality of life or slight value enhancements […]

A Trade Analysis of Wisconsin Retail and Service Markets: Updated for 2019

Using 2019 county sales tax data, we examine the strength and weaknesses of Wisconsin retail and service markets through the application of the tools of Trade Area Analysis. Only those counties that have elected to collect the optional county sales tax are included in the analysis. Because sales tax data are used one must keep […]

The Contributions of Agriculture to the Wisconsin Economy: An Update for 2017

This study provides an update of the Contribution of Agriculture to the Wisconsin Economy undertaken by Deller (2014) using data for 2017, the most current available. Despite currently weak commodity prices, particularly within dairy, agriculture (defined to include on-farm activities, food processing,  forestry and horticulture) remains an important part of the Wisconsin economy. In 2017, […]

Slow Churn: Declining Dynamism in America’s Dairyland

Since the start of the Great Recession, the death rate of Wisconsin businesses with employees (i.e. employer businesses) has outpaced the startup rate. As a result, after almost three decades of growth, the number of businesses with employees in Wisconsin started to decline in 2007. New employer businesses are a critical source of job creation. […]

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