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A Community Education Approach

While hiring a consultant to complete a market analysis might be appropriate for some communities, the approach of this toolbox is based on the premise that business and community leaders will benefit by being actively involved in the research process. Because there are technical components to the toolbox (obtaining data and using geographic information systems […]

In Our Words (Episode 4)

Do you feel that you have a personal purpose to serve and be visible to your community? This week Rajon sits down for a conversation with Samantha Collier and Arletta Allen. Samantha Collier is the Executive Director of TeamTeal365. Samantha is an educator, healer, and advocate. TeamTeal365 has a mission to empower and educate sexual […]

In Our Words (Episode 3)

Are you interested in becoming a licensed professional counselor and owning your own practice? Dr. Kadihjia Kelly of Stars Counseling (Appleton) has been working in the field of counseling since 2018. Dr. Kelly’s expertise is working with self-Identified Black/African American clients focusing on Critical Race Theory and Racial Fatigue. Welcome Dr. kelly Meet Dr. Monique […]

In Our Words (Episode 2)

Are you interested in learning what it takes to start your own nonprofit agency? Interested in becoming a successful business owner, who sells their own merchandise? In this episode, Rajon speaks with Robin Scott, Executive Director of We All Rise African American Resource Center, and J. Riley, a small business owner. Robin is the Executive […]

In Our Words (Episode 1)

Welcome to the premiere of In Our Words podcast. The goal of this podcast is to see a more holistic view of African-American entrepreneurs in the state of Wisconsin. We seek to gain understanding of challenges faced and overcome by Black business owners, while also providing success stories and strategies implemented along the way that […]

Community Climate Resilience Menu Educator Guide

The Community Climate Resilience Menu (CCRM) is an online tool for finding resources to support communities’ efforts to become more resilient to the impacts and shocks from major weather changes that disrupt communities. We created the CCRM to provide a flexible approach for community decision-makers to select strategies for each community’s unique environment, culture, and […]

Creative Economy Summit

Summary The Creative Economy Summit focuses on the work needed to incubate and support talent, increase creative work incubation, lead to business creation and retention, engage all Wisconsinites in creative opportunities, and provide the public and private leadership necessary to invest in a sustainable 21st-century economy. The Summit features ideas, information, research, resources, and case […]

Developing a Survey Questionnaire

Developing a questionnaire includes two things: the individual questions within the questionnaire and the questionnaire itself. We will start with writing individual questions. Writing Good Questions At the most basic level, we have two types of questions: open-ended and closed-ended questions. Open-ended questions allow for qualitative feedback from survey respondents and do not have fixed […]

WIndicators Volume 5, Number 1: The Rise Of Entrepreneurship During the Pandemic

OVERVIEW Entrepreneurial activity increased sharply in Wisconsin in 2020 and 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurship is a key part of any healthy economy but ensuring that new business activity leads to significant economic impact by creating high quality jobs can be difficult. Communities can take a lead role in a range of strategies that […]

Early Care and Education in Wisconsin: Challenges and Opportunities

Summary Dr. Alejandra Ros Pilarz discusses the early care and education landscape in Wisconsin, how it has changed over the past 15 years, and the implications for children and families. She describes the current state of the early care and education workforce, as well as challenges and opportunities for supporting the workforce and strengthening the […]

Sampling Strategies

In survey questionnaires, sampling design refers to the strategy or plan to identify to select a sample. Sampling designs fall into two camps, probability, and non-probability-based sampling designs. Probability-based sampling is defined by all potential respondents (i.e., elements) having an equal chance of selection to participate in the sample. The equal chance of selection results […]

Types of Consumer Surveys

There are four basic ways to survey consumers: mail surveys, telephone surveys, web-based surveys, and intercept (or face-to-face) surveys. Mail Surveys Mail surveys (questionnaires) involve printing and distributing questions to consumers via mail. Use a mail survey if you want to collect comprehensive consumer information. You must keep mail surveys short, or if you need […]

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