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Willingness to Pay for Broadband Internet

The UW-Madison EDA University Center conducted a statewide survey of Wisconsin residents on broadband access and affordability, with the goal of estimating the willingness to pay for broadband. As the state makes significant investments in broadband infrastructure, attention is shifting to the willingness, or ability, of people, particularly lower income people, to pay for broadband subscriptions.

​​Tools to Inform Broadband Planning: Surveys & Conversations​​

In this article, we will discuss tools to inform broadband planning. Specifically, when and how to use surveys to gather input from the public in your broadband and digital equity planning and explore types of exploratory conversations to support broadband expansion opportunities in your communities.

What Data Do You Need for Broadband Planning?

Data collection and data analysis can be a little overwhelming for communities and organizations that are engaged in all sorts of Community Economic Development Planning, including community broadband planning. The goal of this article is to share some of the public resources that are available to you.

Directory of Internet Service Providers

The purpose of this directory is to assist counties and/or communities in Wisconsin with finding private partners for broadband expansion. Please check back as the list changes and grows.

Broadband 101 – Benefits of Broadband: Where do we go from here?

There is a strong positive relationship between internet access and economic growth and development. Studies that focus on more rural areas within the U.S. find that access to broadband is important in attracting new businesses, fostering entrepreneurship, enhancing farm profits, and even increasing the value of rural housing. It is clear that access to the internet and broadband in particular is no longer a luxury, but a necessary condition for regional economic growth and development. This article outlines the need for and the benefits of broadband.

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