We work with Wisconsin communities to understand, analyze, educate, and plan local clean energy efficiency, production, and procurement strategies.

The clean energy economy is advancing at a rapid pace and Wisconsin is in a position to capitalize from the transition. Our state has a significant energy, power, and controls sector with industry clusters in energy controls, battery technologies, microgrids, biofuels, energy-water nexus, and green building. And, Wisconsin’s local communities are continuing to move purposefully toward energy independence through energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. Our work promotes local self-reliance and resilience to safeguard Wisconsin’s future generations. Local clean energy practices and production provide a viable economic development strategy that stimulates the local economy, supports job creation, promotes equity, and improves human and environmental health.

Energy On Wisconsin

Energy On Wisconsin, a collaboration between UW-Madison Extension and the Office of Energy Innovation, engages communities, tribes, businesses, and organizations to advance Wisconsin’s transformation to a clean energy economy for the health, prosperity, and resilience of all its people and future generations.

Community Climate Resilience Menu

The Community Climate Resilience Menu is an integrated tool to assist communities to become more resilient to the impacts and disruptions from climate change and other systemic shocks.

Solar Energy Financing Guide

There is a shift toward clean, reliable, and affordable electricity in the United States, and local governments and tribal nations have an opportunity to position their communities well in the growing renewable energy economy.

Energy Independent Communities

Many Wisconsin communities have adopted the goal of generating at least 25 percent of their energy for local government operations (buildings, infrastructure, and fleet) from renewable sources locally by 2025. 

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