We work to support communities to accelerate broadband access, increase adoption, improve digital literacy, and reduce digital inequities.

Access to broadband is an increasingly important issue for economic well-being. Broadband is linked to better business performance, farm profits, and enhanced opportunities for entrepreneurship. It is also linked to higher home values, higher educational outcomes at both the grade school and high school levels, improvement in health outcomes, and leads to higher worker productivity. Despite these benefits, access to high-quality broadband is limited in many communities throughout Wisconsin.

Broadband Toolkit

This Broadband Toolkit prepares Wisconsin communities to increase broadband access for all by engaging local stakeholders in the planning process and developing a comprehensive implementation strategy.

Broadband Access

View our research and educational programming on broadband access.

Broadband Adoption

Find out what resources we can offer to support local broadband adoption.

Digital Inclusion

Learn more about our work and how we strive to support that all Wisconsinites to have the information technology capacity to fully participate in society.

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