Creative Economy Summit

Summary The Creative Economy Summit focuses on the work needed to incubate and support talent, increase creative work incubation, lead to business creation and retention, engage all Wisconsinites in creative opportunities, and provide the public and private leadership necessary to invest in a sustainable 21st-century economy. The Summit features ideas, information, research, resources, and case […]

2022 Wisconsin Rural Economic Summit

Summary Using the latest research and data, the Wisconsin Rural Economic Summit focuses on Wisconsin’s rural economy. The summit includes an overview of the latest economic and demographic trends, an examination of labor force trends, a focus on tech entrepreneurship in rural communities, and discussions on rural healthcare and rural child care. The event ends with […]

Wisconsin Broadband Summit

Summary Access to broadband is critical for Wisconsin communities in the 21st century – connected to better business performance, entrepreneurship, higher home values, better educational outcomes, improved health outcomes, and higher worker productivity. Despite these benefits, access to high-quality broadband is limited in many communities throughout Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Broadband Summit is organized to help […]

2021 Wisconsin Rural Economic Summit

  Using the latest research and data specific to Wisconsin’s rural communities and regions, we discussed the Wisconsin rural economy with a focus on innovative strategies that foster economic opportunities and well-being. The summit included an overview of historical and current trends in the Wisconsin rural economy, a look at lessons learned from rural communities, […]

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