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2022 Wisconsin Housing Symposium


May 2022 — The 2022 Wisconsin Housing Symposium brought together experts, innovators, practitioners, and Extension colleagues to learn and discuss housing needs and responses across the state. This event included presentations and conversations related to building context and knowledge of housing in Wisconsin, accessing and applying data to local needs, exploring approaches and innovations to community-led housing processes, discussing Extension’s role with local government leaders and a conversation about where to go from here.


Housing Market Needs in Wisconsin: What Do They Look Like?

Kirk McClure, Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning, University of Kansas


The State of the State’s Housing: Trends and Issues in Housing and Affordability

Kurt Paulsen, Professor of Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin-Madison


How do we “move the needle” on these issues? How do we make it work in our community?

Tom Landgraf, Senior Lecturer of Real Estate and Urban Land Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Housing CEA: A Guide to Free Housing Data Available in your Communities

Steve Deller, Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics and Community Economic Development Specialist, UW-Madison


An Introduction to Using ALICE Data

Charlene Mouille, Executive Director, United Way of Wisconsin

Understanding Your Community’s Housing Needs

Karl Green, Local Government Education Program Manager, UW-Madison, Division of Extension

The Local Comprehensive Plan and Housing

Brian Ohm, Professor of Land Use and Planning Law, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Chequamegon Bay Regional Housing Coalition

Kellie Pederson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension, Bayfield County


Developing a Community Housing Action Plan

Josh Clements, Planning Director, City of Sun Prairie

Reframing Housing: The science behind moving hearts and minds

Moira O’Neil, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Research Interpretation, FrameWorks Institute

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