The Rise Of Entrepreneurship During the Pandemic

Summary Dr. Tessa Conroy discusses entrepreneurial activity in Wisconsin during the COVID-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurship is a key part of any healthy economy but ensuring that new business activity leads to significant economic impact by creating high-quality jobs can be difficult. Learn about entrepreneurial activity in the state and hear discussions on what communities can do […]

WIndicators Volume 5, Number 3: Farm Household Income

OVERVIEW As a growing number of Wisconsin farms struggle to survive, many farm households (families) are dependent on off farm income to offset weak and unstable farm sourced income. Over the five-year average (2016-2020) average household income for Wisconsin farm operators is $98,353of which $20,210 comes from farming activities, and the remaining $78,143 comes from […]

2022 Wisconsin Housing Symposium

Summary The 2022 Wisconsin Housing Symposium brought together experts, innovators, practitioners, and Extension colleagues to learn and discuss housing needs and responses across the state. This event included presentations and conversations related to building context and knowledge of housing in Wisconsin, accessing and applying data to local needs, exploring approaches and innovations to community-led housing […]

In Our Words (Episode 10)

In this episode, Rajon speaks with Dasha Kelly-Hamilton and Officer KC Brown as they share their experiences with community building and law enforcement.  Dasha is a writer, performance artist, curator, facilitator, and owner of Stillwater Collective, and Officer KC is a 14-year experienced police officer from Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, as well as the founder […]

In Our Words (Episode 9)

On today’s episode, Rajon talks with J.D., the owner of Mentor Systems in Green Bay and Ambrose -a mental performance coach who has been conducting character development training for 23 years!  They both share their stories about challenges but also advise on how you can prepare yourself as an entrepreneur before starting your business so […]

In Our Words (Episode 8)

What does it mean to be a business woman? For Brandi Iberia and Tasha Greenleaf, the answer is simple: black girl magic. They both bring their unique voices into each project they take on- whether that’s running Luminocity Media Group in Milwaukee or owning Urban Cultural Arts with its focus on art as Therapy for […]

Focus Group Analysis Tips

Consider the words Think about both the actual words used by the participants and the meanings of those words. A variety of words and phrases will be used and the analyst will need to determine the degree of similarity between these responses. Consider the context Participant responses were triggered by a stimulus question asked by […]

Developing Questions for Focus Group Interviews

Focus group interviews can yield powerful information. In order to get meaningful information during focus groups, you should follow several important guidelines when developing your questions. 1. Use open-ended questions Open-ended questions allow for qualitative feedback from participants and do not have fixed responses or elicit one word answers. 2. Avoid dichotomous questions These are […]

In Our Words (Episode 7)

In today’s episode, Rajon Hall is joined by Anthony Kazee and Phillip Bennett to talk about patience, discipline, growth mindset, authenticity, and networking that are essential to entrepreneurship and success.  Kazee is a real-estate entrepreneur, while Bennett is a business coach who has worked with clients all over the world. Both men have a wealth […]

Recovery in the Hotel Business (Issue 197, May 2022)

(Image Source: RunnyRem / Unsplash) How COVID-19 has impacted the Wisconsin lodging Industry Hotels provide an important service to our communities and represent a significant economic engine for jobs, business revenue, and taxes. Plus, they often serve as a gateway to a community, influencing perceptions of the broader community. However, this industry has experienced significant […]

In Our Words (Episode 6)

Are you a family-oriented business & community-minded individual? Do you believe that faith in the higher power has created opportunities you could never foresee? Are you challenged by your faith within connection to your business? On this week’s podcast, Rajon sits down with Albert Walker and Bobby Drake. Albert Walker is the owner of Imago dei […]

In Our Words (Episode 5)

Are you an aspiring barbershop owner? Are looking for insight on how to begin the process? Rajon interviews two Wisconsin business owners, Chris Kimbrough and Walter Matthews. Chris Kimbrough is the owner of Starz Barbershop in Green Bay. Chris owns and operates three barbershop locations, with his last grand opening on the UWGB campus. Starz […]

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