Broadband Access

670,952 Wisconsinites lack access to a fixed 25/3 Mbps service.

~Governor’s Task Force on Broadband Access

Understanding broadband access in communities is critical for convening and facilitating broadband conversations, assisting broadband planning and funding, and educating the public on needs.

Broadband Access

Broadband access refers to:

  • Decreases the learning gap
  • Increases a community’s prosperity
  • Provides access to economic and educational opportunity
  • Increases property value
  • Increases the length of time tourists stay in allocation
  • Improves agricultural output
  • Increases access to healthcare while decreasing cost
  • Broadband is necessary for access to many essential services – such as vaccine appointments and full participation in our democracy and economy

Broadband Preparedness Index

Communities throughout Wisconsin are struggling to ensure residents and businesses have access to reliable and affordable broadband internet services. Many of our communities are working to address the issues associated with broadband and are seeking to implement policies and actions to move the community forward. To aid in these efforts, we developed a Broadband Preparedness Index. The Index intends to help communities think through issues related to broadband and provide strategies to deal with broadband challenges.

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