Econ Quiz: Ski Hill Employment

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January 2023

Wisconsin’s family-oriented ski hills are one reason that the Badger state is as much fun in winter as it is during the summer.

The ski industry is seasonal, with employment at ski facilities peaking in January. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks 24 states that employ people in ski facilities as far south as New Mexico (1,044 employed) and as far north as Maine (2,250 employed) and Alaska (327 employed). As most with a passing familiarity with skiing might guess, Colorado ranks first in the nation for those working at ski facilities by employing people at ski facilities at 13.76 times the national rate for a total of 15,633 people working at its ski hills. California, (6,893), Utah (6,841), Pennsylvania (5,078) and Washington (3,987) round out the top five states for the number of people employed by ski facilities.

Excluding employment at resorts connected to ski hills, rank the following states from greatest to least in order of both full-time and part-time employees ski facilities in January 2021:

A. Idaho

B. Maine

C. Michigan

D. Minnesota

E. Montana

F. Wisconsin


Answer. Wisconsin has 17 ski facilities that employed 3,054 people, either full time or part time, in January 2021. Idaho (21 facilities; 2,435 employed), Minnesota (21 facilities; 2,334 employed), Maine (16 facilities; 2,250 employed), Michigan (22 facilities; 1,979 employed), and Montana (18 facilities; 1,349 employed).

Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2022). Quarterly Census of Employment: NAICS 713920 Skiing facilities, All States and U.S. 2021 First Quarter, All Establishment Sizes.

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