Business Owners of Color in Wisconsin: Trends & Outcomes

In recent years Wisconsin has seen massive spikes in business ownership among nonwhite entrepreneurs yet the state continues to have an overall low number of businesses owned by people of color. These findings are among those compiled in a new report “Business Owners of Color in Wisconsin: Representation, Profitability, and Growth”. This webinar focuses on the trends and outcomes for business owners of color in Wisconsin.

Rural Pharmacies an Overlooked Piece of the Rural Health Care System

This webinar explores the pivotal role of rural pharmacies in providing vital healthcare services, especially in areas affected by hospital closures. Learn why the decline of independently owned rural pharmacies is a pressing concern, affecting medication access and downtown vitality.

Business & Workforce Development: Clean Energy Funding Series

In this webinar, our expert panel discusses clean energy funding available to businesses at both the Federal and state level, how to optimize your access to funding & financing, strategies to lower your tax liability, and programs to increase the clean energy workforce in Wisconsin.

2023 Wisconsin Rural Economic Summit

Using the latest research and data specific to Wisconsin’s rural communities and regions, this summit focuses on the Wisconsin rural economy. The summit includes an overview of the latest economic and demographic trends across rural communities, an examination of entrepreneurship, and a discussion of what rural communities can do to foster economic growth and development.

Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) – Minnesota Examples of An Essential Economic Development Activity

This webinar describes work from the University of Minnesota-Extension to support business retention and expansion efforts in rural areas. With over 20 years of experience working with rural communities, MN-Extension has developed several resources that support economic development leaders to create a supportive ecosystem for rural business retention and expansion. Three guest presenters, Michael Darger, Marty Walsh, and Amy Schaefer, discuss the importance of business retention and expansion in rural communities.

State Labor Force Overview: Wisconsin

As part of the 2023 Regional Economic Conditions Conference hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Dr. Tessa Conroy provides an overview of the Wisconsin labor force.

Supporting Business Succession & Transition: Lessons Learned from Minnesota

There are about 50,000 employer businesses owned by people over 55 years old in Minnesota. Or about 50% of the businesses in the state. In this webinar, guest presenter, Michael Darger, describes efforts at the University of Minnesota Extension to work across organizations to raise awareness among business owners and create support for business succession and transition (BST) planning in rural areas.

WIndicators Volume 5, Number 5: Understanding and Mobilizing the Potential of Entrepreneurs of Color in Wisconsin 

People of color are starting and growing businesses at high rates in Wisconsin. This study explored the experiences of BIPOC entrepreneurs in Fond du Lac County through 1-1 interviews and the Community Capitals Framework (CCF). Business owners expressed satisfaction with the natural beauty and safety of the area while describing limited technical knowledge (human capital), networks (social capital), and financial capital in the critical startup phase of their entrepreneurship. Business development technicians and educators can use this study to better support entrepreneurs of color in their Wisconsin communities.

Pandemic Fad or Here to Stay? Impacts of Remote Work on Employees, Businesses and Communities

The movement of employees to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been well-documented. Indeed, the Census Bureau recently reported that the number of people working primarily from home tripled between 2019 and 2021. This shift certainly caused hardship among some employees but was widely embraced by many others. With the World Health Organization noting that the pandemic is nearing its end, employees, businesses and communities face questions regarding the future of remote work. This webinar explores trends in remorse work and offers insights into questions about the future of remote work.

2022 Northwoods Economic Development Summit

Summary Date: Wednesday, October 12 | Location: Nicolet College Theatre, Lakeside Building. Special Guest: Neel Kashkari, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Sponsors: Grow North, The Lac du Flambeau Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, Nicolet College, Baylake Regional Planning Commission,  North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, and University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension […]

WIndicators Volume 5, Number 4: Returns to Higher Education

With rising costs to students and soaring debt levels, many people are questioning the value of pursuing higher education. Nationally, a person with a bachelor’s degree will earn about $560,980 or 37.8% more than a person with a high school degree, even while accounting for lost years of work while obtaining the degree.

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