State Labor Force Overview: Wisconsin

As part of the 2023 Regional Economic Conditions Conference hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Dr. Tessa Conroy provides an overview of the Wisconsin labor force.

Supporting Business Succession & Transition: Lessons Learned from Minnesota

There are about 50,000 employer businesses owned by people over 55 years old in Minnesota. Or about 50% of the businesses in the state. In this webinar, guest presenter, Michael Darger, describes efforts at the University of Minnesota Extension to work across organizations to raise awareness among business owners and create support for business succession and transition (BST) planning in rural areas.

WIndicators Volume 5, Number 5: Understanding and Mobilizing the Potential of Entrepreneurs of Color in Wisconsin 

People of color are starting and growing businesses at high rates in Wisconsin. This study explored the experiences of BIPOC entrepreneurs in Fond du Lac County through 1-1 interviews and the Community Capitals Framework (CCF). Business owners expressed satisfaction with the natural beauty and safety of the area while describing limited technical knowledge (human capital), networks (social capital), and financial capital in the critical startup phase of their entrepreneurship. Business development technicians and educators can use this study to better support entrepreneurs of color in their Wisconsin communities.

Pandemic Fad or Here to Stay? Impacts of Remote Work on Employees, Businesses and Communities

The movement of employees to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been well-documented. Indeed, the Census Bureau recently reported that the number of people working primarily from home tripled between 2019 and 2021. This shift certainly caused hardship among some employees but was widely embraced by many others. With the World Health Organization noting that the pandemic is nearing its end, employees, businesses and communities face questions regarding the future of remote work. This webinar explores trends in remorse work and offers insights into questions about the future of remote work.

2022 Northwoods Economic Development Summit

Summary Date: Wednesday, October 12 | Location: Nicolet College Theatre, Lakeside Building. Special Guest: Neel Kashkari, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Sponsors: Grow North, The Lac du Flambeau Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, Nicolet College, Baylake Regional Planning Commission,  North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, and University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension […]

WIndicators Volume 5, Number 4: Returns to Higher Education

With rising costs to students and soaring debt levels, many people are questioning the value of pursuing higher education. Nationally, a person with a bachelor’s degree will earn about $560,980 or 37.8% more than a person with a high school degree, even while accounting for lost years of work while obtaining the degree.

The Hotel Industry: Recovery and Future Development in Our Communities

Hotels provide an important service to our communities and represent a significant economic engine for jobs, business income, and taxes. They often serve as a gateway to a community, influencing perceptions of the local community. During the pandemic, the hotel industry experienced significant challenges, including changes in travel behaviors, both in the US and in Wisconsin. In this webinar, we discuss the hotel industry during and after the pandemic with three industry experts, Michael Lindner, Bill Elliott, and Richard Sprecher.

The Rise Of Entrepreneurship During the Pandemic

Summary June 2022 — Dr. Tessa Conroy discusses entrepreneurial activity in Wisconsin during the COVID-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurship is a key part of any healthy economy but ensuring that new business activity leads to significant economic impact by creating high-quality jobs can be difficult. Learn about entrepreneurial activity in the state and hear discussions on what […]

In Our Words (Episode 10)

May 2022 — In this episode, Rajon speaks with Dasha Kelly-Hamilton and Officer KC Brown as they share their experiences with community building and law enforcement.  Dasha is a writer, performance artist, curator, facilitator, and owner of Stillwater Collective, and Officer KC is a 14-year experienced police officer from Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, as well […]

In Our Words (Episode 9)

May 2022 — On today’s episode, Rajon talks with J.D., the owner of Mentor Systems in Green Bay and Ambrose -a mental performance coach who has been conducting character development training for 23 years!  They both share their stories about challenges but also advise on how you can prepare yourself as an entrepreneur before starting […]

In Our Words (Episode 8)

May 2022 — What does it mean to be a business woman? For Brandi Iberia and Tasha Greenleaf, the answer is simple: black girl magic. They both bring their unique voices into each project they take on- whether that’s running Luminocity Media Group in Milwaukee or owning Urban Cultural Arts with its focus on art […]

In Our Words (Episode 7)

May 2022 — In today’s episode, Rajon Hall is joined by Anthony Kazee and Phillip Bennett to talk about patience, discipline, growth mindset, authenticity, and networking that are essential to entrepreneurship and success.  Kazee is a real-estate entrepreneur, while Bennett is a business coach who has worked with clients all over the world. Both men […]

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