Latinx Immigration, Entrepreneurship, and Downtown Development (Issue 193, January 2021)

Small towns and rural communities across Wisconsin have markedly different experiences when it comes to their downtowns and main streets. Over the last decade, some Wisconsin communities have seen their downtown district become a lifeline to a rural renewal, while others have experienced decline defined by an exodus of businesses and disinvestment from the core […]

Remote Work: A Trend that Might Impact Downtowns

Summary We offer a journal article discussion for planners, downtown revitalization professionals, and local Extension educators. This webinar focuses on the journal article “Remote Work: An Example of How to Identify a Downtown-Related Trend Breeze that Will Probably Outlast the COVID-19 Crisis” by David Milder.  The article explores the economic impacts of remote work on urban, […]

Shaping A City, Ithaca, NY: A Developers Perspective

Summary Three-part discussion with the author: Session 1: May 21, 2020 video Planning and Consultants Power of RFPs to attract developers Formation of a BID for organizing your  community Power of Feasibility studies—Housing, Retail, Office Build a Strategic Plan with community input and quantitative goals. Collaboration with large institutions and private developers Session 2: May […]

Downtown Business Mix Analysis: Midwest Cities with Population between 25,000 and 75,000

Introduction This study uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and business and demographic data to examine 259 cities (2010 population of 25,000-75,000) and their downtowns in seven Midwest states.[1] The result is a data set that can be used to classify downtowns based on business and residential activity. The tables in the appendix present detailed data […]

Downtown Storefront Improvements Analyzing Return on Investment (Issue 180, March 2015)

Do downtown storefront improvement projects provide an adequate return to the property owners, outside investors, or public funding entities? If so, what are the returns in both economic and other terms? This article summarizes findings from 24 case studies of storefront improvement projects in Wisconsin over the past 15 years. While not a scientific sample, […]

Downtown Internet Connectivity Summary of Survey Results (Issue 179, October 2013)

Embracing the internet can help downtown businesses grow and compete. This article summarizes the responses to a survey concerning access to and use of broadband in downtown districts. The sample consists of the 35 responses received from downtown development and Main Street professionals in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio. This was not a rigorously scientific survey, […]

Importance of Buying Local (Issue 169, September 2010)

A growing body of evidence suggests that the businesses most beneficial to a community are those that are independent and locally owned. This article provides an introduction to the potential economic, social, and environmental benefits provided by local business. Economics  Perhaps the most compelling reason to buy local and independent is economics. Some studies from […]

“Buy Local” Campaigns and Economic Research (Issue 168, August 2010)

Incorporating good economic data and research into your “Buy Local” campaign can have multiple benefits. This article outlines how economic data can strengthen the development, implementation, and evaluation of a buy local campaign. It will focus on economic data related to demographics, “what-if” economic impact scenarios, and evaluation data. The first step in determining what […]

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