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Design Wisconsin: Hustisford Design Team

July 2022 — On May 12, 2022, a group of 20 planning and design professionals found their way to Hustisford (17 in person, and 3 remotely) to dedicate their time and expertise in hopes of helping the community discover a shared vision for the future. The purpose of this document is to provide details as to the purpose, process, and outputs of the Design Hustisford program.

Design Wisconsin is a community design program offered by the University of Wisconsin-Extension’s Community Vitality & Placemaking Team-a “Signature Effort” that combines best practices and expertise from applied research in community development, economic development, natural resources, positive youth development, organizational and leadership development, and sustainability. Design Wisconsin helps communities identify and visualize their short-, medium-, and long-range visions.

Design Wisconsin is 3-phase process that begins with community capacity building, transitions into a public participatory process, and ends with implementation. During community capacity building, Extension educators and specialists work with the local planning team to prepare them for the second and third phases of the program. After 6-12 months of training, the local planning team is ready for the second phase of the program-a 3-day community design charrette (a fast-pace and intense period of community visioning). The third phase is implementation-a whole new planning process led by the local planning team and supported by Extension professionals that begins soon after the charrette. Pattie Carroll, University of Wisconsin-Extension Human Development & Relationships Educator and Tracy Malterer University of Wisconsin-Extension Liaison & Program Support for Dodge County, provided the community with the technical support necessary to bring the Design Wisconsin program to Hustisford and will assist the community with ongoing planning and implementation.

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