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The Economics of Downtown Revitalization: Putting Some “Oomph” Behind the Numbers


April 2023 — Downtowns and business districts play a vital role in economic development by serving as the commercial heart of our communities. They generate revenue and employment opportunities and enhance the overall quality of life for residents, workers, and visitors alike. The diversity of downtowns provides a wealth of challenges and opportunities, requiring tailored development goals and approaches to maximize their unique attributes and assets. This webinar answers a handful of essential questions: What is downtown revitalization, and why does it matter? Why is it important to quantitatively evaluate revitalization efforts (such as the Main Street Program)? What are some of the challenges involved with the evaluation of downtown revitalization?

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Andrew Van Leuven

Dr. Andrew Van Leuven is an Assistant Professor of Community and Rural Development at Oklahoma State University in the Department of Agricultural Economics. His research and Extension programming focus on regional economic development, downtown revitalization, local entrepreneurship, and a variety of other topics aimed toward strengthening rural economies. He earned my Ph.D. in Public Policy & Management from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs (Ohio State University).

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