Wisconsin Economy

The Wisconsin Economy is a series of studies on key topics intended to inform Wisconsin decision-makers, community economic development practitioners, and concerned citizens about the Wisconsin economy and policy options available to them.

Business Owners of Color in Wisconsin: Representation, Profitability, and Growth

Wisconsin follows the nationwide trend of a relatively small yet growing number of diverse business owners. This recent growth suggests a promising and economically important future for diverse business owners despite evidence that they face significant challenges.

Willingness to Pay for Broadband Internet

The UW-Madison EDA University Center conducted a statewide survey of Wisconsin residents on broadband access and affordability, with the goal of estimating the willingness to pay for broadband. As the state makes significant investments in broadband infrastructure, attention is shifting to the willingness, or ability, of people, particularly lower income people, to pay for broadband subscriptions.

Broadband and the Wisconsin Economy

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY January 2021 — In this study we explore issues related to broadband coverage and importance of coverage to community well-being. Several key conclusions include:   Fact Sheets   Broadband Access and Affordability How Available is Broadband in Wisconsin? Disconnected: Households Without Any Internet Broadband Connectivity and Health Outcomes Increasing Broadband Adoption Broadband and […]

The State of Wisconsin Manufacturing

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY May 2019 — The following analysis explores the status of manufacturing in Wisconsin by examining long term trends and benchmarking against comparable states in the Midwest region and the U.S. more generally. Key Findings: Despite fluctuations, the recent number of manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin is close to the level in 1970 at 500,000. […]

Shifting Wisconsin Labor Resources: A Review of Educational Attainment

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY November 2018 — If the vision for Wisconsin’s future economy is one of competitive wages, innovative industry, and an entrepreneurial culture, then there are challenges on the horizon. From the perspective of developing an educated labor force that supports both innovation and entrepreneurship, the metrics presented in this report are troubling. The education […]

Sources of Job Growth

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY August 2018 — The analysis presented in this report uses two types of comparisons to evaluate job creation and job loss in Wisconsin. First, we consider trends over time by comparing the most recent years available, 2012 or 2013 depending on the data source, with 2000 and 2009. The year 2000 is useful […]

Women Business Owners: Patterns of Women Owned and Managed Businesses in Wisconsin

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY June 2018 — Women as business owners may be an underutilized resource for economic development and growth. Policies aimed at equitably enhancing business ownership should consider the unique nature of women-owned and managed businesses. These policies should reflect the unique manner in which women approach entrepreneurship. In 2011, women-owned or managed nearly 19% […]

Relocation Patterns of Wisconsin Businesses: The Migration or Relocation Patterns of Wisconsin Businesses

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY February 2018 — For state and local organizations that incorporate business recruitment and retention into their economic development strategies understanding business  migration is important. Regions often compete to have businesses relocate in their community with the goal to increase job and income growth. Economic development resources are devoted to incentive packages that can […]

Innovation and Economic Growth and Development: R&D within Wisconsin

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY January 2018 — Economists disagree on most issues, but there is widespread agreement that innovation is a driver of economic growth and development. The question that we address in this study is the relationship between research and development, innovation, human capital or educational levels, and economic performance. Key Findings: • Innovation, which is […]

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