Economic Planning & Preparedness

Structural changes to the economy – like moving from goods to service production – have been playing out for decades affecting regions and communities of Wisconsin differently. All areas of the economy have been impacted by these changes, leaving communities and regions across the state needing information, data, and recommendations to help inform strategies, policies, and decisions. As a well-established area with over fifty years of research and programming, we engage local communities, counties, and regions in research and educational programming related to economic competitiveness and preparedness.

Community Economic Analysis

Communities often want to do something to change their local economies. They are typically interested in providing satisfactory jobs and incomes for current and future residents of the community. Community Economic Analysis examines how a community functions economically and provides useful information for decision-makers.

Community Economic Development Preparedness Index

Our Community Economic Development Preparedness Index can help you analyze your community’s strengths and weaknesses, assets and shortcomings, and overall sense of community before you develop a plan to improve economic development opportunities. It also provides the community with an overview of where additional investments might be needed and indicates where investments have already been made.

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