Design Wisconsin: La Valle Design Team

In response to severe flood events, the Village of La Valle, Wisconsin has been awarded federal funding to assist in flood mitigation and recovery. As part of the planning process, a group of local residents formed the La Valle Revitalization Committee. The purpose of the committee is to provide leadership and community representation.

Business Recruitment

This section explains how market analysis data can be used in the various steps of a business recruitment program. 


Restaurants and culinary experiences can be extremely valuable additions to a downtown area. They serve downtown workers and residents as well as attract visitors to the center of the community. They serve both an economic and social role in the community, helping downtowns maintain their role as an important gathering place. Restaurants can include a […]

Shaping Downtown After COVID-19 (Issue 194, June 2021)

This topic in Downtown Economics summarizes key points or “takeaways” from the recent webinar titled Shaping Downtown after COVID 19. The well-attended webinar highlighted examples of successful initiatives in four cities: Ithaca, New York, and Appleton, Eau Claire, and La Crosse Wisconsin. The following takeaways are presented without significant editing.  You may watch the entire […]

Latinx Immigration, Entrepreneurship, and Downtown Development (Issue 193, January 2021)

Small towns and rural communities across Wisconsin have markedly different experiences when it comes to their downtowns and main streets. Over the last decade, some Wisconsin communities have seen their downtown district become a lifeline to a rural renewal, while others have experienced decline defined by an exodus of businesses and disinvestment from the core […]

Remote Work: A Trend that Might Impact Downtowns

Summary We offer a journal article discussion for planners, downtown revitalization professionals, and local Extension educators. This webinar focuses on the journal article “Remote Work: An Example of How to Identify a Downtown-Related Trend Breeze that Will Probably Outlast the COVID-19 Crisis” by David Milder.  The article explores the economic impacts of remote work on urban, […]

Shaping A City, Ithaca, NY: A Developers Perspective

Summary Three-part discussion with the author: Session 1: May 21, 2020 video Planning and Consultants Power of RFPs to attract developers Formation of a BID for organizing your  community Power of Feasibility studies—Housing, Retail, Office Build a Strategic Plan with community input and quantitative goals. Collaboration with large institutions and private developers Session 2: May […]

Downtown Business Mix Analysis: Midwest Cities with Population between 25,000 and 75,000

Introduction This study uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and business and demographic data to examine 259 cities (2010 population of 25,000-75,000) and their downtowns in seven Midwest states.[1] The result is a data set that can be used to classify downtowns based on business and residential activity. The tables in the appendix present detailed data […]

Arts & Entertainment

Art and Entertainment events can draw people downtown and increase economic activity in a variety of business categories. These events can attract people downtown who normally would not visit. This section of the toolbox provides some initial ideas to help you begin to identify arts and entertainment development opportunities for your downtown. It includes identification […]

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