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In Our Words (Episode 3)

Are you interested in becoming a licensed professional counselor and owning your own practice? Dr. Kadihjia Kelly of Stars Counseling (Appleton) has been working in the field of counseling since 2018. Dr. Kelly’s expertise is working with self-Identified Black/African American clients focusing on Critical Race Theory and Racial Fatigue. Welcome Dr. kelly

Meet Dr. Monique Liston, Founder, Joyful Militant and Chief Strategist at Ubuntu Research and Evaluation (Milwaukee). Powered by a collective of unapologetic Black women, femmes, and non-binary people working as transdisciplinary strategist committed to resistance against anti-blackness.

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In Our Words (Episode 4)

Do you feel that you have a personal purpose to serve and be visible to your community? This week Rajon sits down for a conversation with Samantha Collier and Arletta Allen. Samantha Collier is the Executive Director of TeamTeal365. Samantha is an educator, healer, and advocate. TeamTeal365 has a mission to empower and educate sexual […]

In Our Words (Episode 2)

Are you interested in learning what it takes to start your own nonprofit agency? Interested in becoming a successful business owner, who sells their own merchandise? In this episode, Rajon speaks with Robin Scott, Executive Director of We All Rise African American Resource Center, and J. Riley, a small business owner. Robin is the Executive […]

In Our Words (Episode 1)

Welcome to the premiere of In Our Words podcast. The goal of this podcast is to see a more holistic view of African-American entrepreneurs in the state of Wisconsin. We seek to gain understanding of challenges faced and overcome by Black business owners, while also providing success stories and strategies implemented along the way that […]

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